One-Chip 5 V Qi Wireless Transmitter

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NXQ1TXL5 Block Diagram

NXQ1TXL5 Block Diagram


  • Single chip WPC1.2 Qi-compliant device for an A5/A11/A12/A16 single coil Qi low power transmitter
  • Transmit power up to 8 W
  • Operates from 5 V supply
  • Integrated high-efficiency full-bridge power stage with overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • Very low EMI radiation, passing EN55022 radiated and conducted emission test specifications
  • Very few external components required, minimizing cost and board space
  • Very low-power receiver detection circuitry; standby power less than 10 mW (typical)
  • Fully integrated accurate coil current measurement
  • Robust DSP based dual channel ASK communication with Qi-compliant receivers
  • 2 LED outputs and 1 buzzer output
  • NTC input for external temperature check and protection
  • Small HVQFN 32-pin package (5 x 5 mm) with 0.5 mm pitch
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) according to WPC Qi low power V1.2 specifications
  • Easy FOD adjustment in application for Qi certification
  • Smart Power Limiting (SPL) function to adapt to power-limited 5 V supplies
  • Static Power Reduction (SPR) function to limit power consumption

Target Applications

  • Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi low power wireless power transmitters
  • Very low power (1 to 3 W) wireless charging for wearable devices, smartwatches remote controls, toys, low power medical tools, small home appliances etc.
  • In-the-box low cost version 1.2 Qi-certified wireless chargers delivered with smartwatches or smartphones

部件编号包含: NXQ1TXH5, NXQ1TXL5.


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