15 Watt Dual-device Wireless Power Controller for Auto Applications



MWCT1213 based solution Block Diagram

MWCT1213 based solution Block Diagram


  • System supports two isolated channels
  • Compliant with the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specification
  • Power transfer efficiency exceeding 70%
  • Optimized Foreign Object Detection algorithm
  • Supports most 15 W coil types, single or multi
  • Optimized charging area to avoid blind-spot for each channels
  • On-chip digital demodulation for lower bill-of-materials cost
  • Low active and standby power save mode
  • Easy-to-use debug and configuration tools to speed up product development
  • Fixed operation frequency to alleviate EMI in automotive system
  • Supports key FOB avoidance function
  • Supports operation frequency dithering technology to eliminate AM band interference

部件编号包含: MWCT1213AVLH.


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