MIMXRT685-EVK: i.MX RT600评估套件


i.MX-RT600-EVK top shot
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  • i.MX RT600 Evaluation Kit
    • MIMXRT685-EVK
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Getting Started with i.MX RT600 Evaluation Kit

The i.MX RT685 EVK is a dual-core microcontroller for embedded applications featuring an Arm Cortex-M33 CPU combined with a Cadence Xtensa HiFi4 advanced Audio Digital Signal Processor CPU.




In this video, we demonstrate AudioWeaver, from DSP Concepts, running on the i.MX RT685 dual-core MCU platform.

Learn how to efficiently use MCUs to perform complex machine learning applications.

This NXP webinar covers the SEGGER J-Trace Probe for debugging, streaming trace and live code profiling.

Learn how to implement audio designs from the algorithm level with DSP Concept's Audioweaver and NXP's i.MX RT600.