GreenChip SMPS Primary Side Control IC with QR/DCM Operation and Active x-Capacitor Discharge



TEA1936X Block Diagram

TEA1936X Block Diagram


  • SMPS controller IC supporting smart-charging applications and multiple-output-voltage applications
  • Wide output range (5 V to 20 V in CV mode, 3 V to 20 V in CC mode, and 3 V to 6 V in direct charging mode)
  • Housed in a small SO10 package
  • Adaptive dual supply for highest efficiency over the entire output voltage range
  • Integrated high-voltage start-up and X-capacitor discharge
  • Continuous VCC regulation during start-up and protection via the HV pin, allowing a minimum VCC capacitor value
  • Reduced optocurrent enabling low no-load power (20 mW at 5 V output)
  • Fast transient response from 0 to full load
  • Minimal audible noise and output voltage ripple in all operating modes
  • Integrated soft start
  • Low supply current during normal operation (0.6 mA without load)
  • Low supply current during non-switching state in burst mode (0.2 mA)
  • Valley switching for minimum switching losses
  • Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current to maintain high efficiency at low output power levels
  • Mains voltage compensated OverPower Protection (OPP)
  • OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
  • Integrated overpower timeout
  • Integrated restart timer for system fault conditions
  • Continuous mode protection using demagnetization detection
  • Accurate OverVoltage Protection (OVP)
  • General-purpose input for safe restart protection; for use with system OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
  • Driver maximum on-time protection
  • Brownin and brownout protection

部件编号包含: TEA19363LT.


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