Layerscape 1046A Processor Broadband Home Router Application Solutions Kit




LS1046A Multicore Communications Processor Broadband Home Router ASK

LS1046A Multicore Communications Processor Broadband Home Router ASK


  • Custom binary firmware software with routing/switching functions that turn the DPAA + OpenWRT into an amazing OSI Layer 3 capable device with hardware latency and throughput and a reduced bill of material
  • OpenWRT distribution that is well tested with millions of units deployed worldwide.
  • Flexible and optimized software architecture – allows for multiple application concepts including a standard set of API which make it easy to swap out different NXP CPU for performance scalability. Additionally, upon special request if on the premium subscription, NXP can help enable other distributions!
  • Hardware Security which can be used for a TRUE root-of-trust and for true NIST/FIPS certifiable encrypted communications at HARDWARE SPEEDS. No external entropy sources needed!
  • Works in conjunction with NXP LSDK to make it easy to get your board ASK-ready. Also, NXP can help you evaluate with BSPs targeted to our development boards.
  • Support which is rapid, forceful, and knowledgeable – designed specifically to get your project into production with exactly what you need to thrill your customers.


  • LS1046A: Layerscape 1046A和1026A多核通信处理器


  • Delivers 20 Gbps (called Line Rate for the LS1046A) performance at less than 5% total CPU loading and provides flexibility to offload current and future bandwidth hungry applications.
  • More than six years of rigorous field tests and millions of deployments. Hardened and mature software distribution reduces time to market.
  • Easy to port and integrate third-party software stacks. Significantly reduces software design cycle. Ensures ample headroom for run-time services even during peak performance.
  • Support for Secure boot and Trusted Environment with High-performance SEC Engine and Gigabit Encryption
  • Scalable software architecture and common code base across design for varying customer needs
  • Commercial support packages gives customer direct access to R&D. Get to Production quickly.


LS1046A OpenWRT Linux BSP and ASK Overview

The package includes access to the source code of all the board support packages and OpenWRT Broadband Home Router ASK and binaries of packet forwarding engine.


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  • ASK Loadable binaries for LS1046A

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