HV Start-Up Flyback Controller with Integrated MOSFET for 5 W Applications, F~burst = 430 Hz




TEA1721 Block Diagram

TEA1721 Block Diagram


  • Low power SMPS controller for applications up to 5 W
  • 700 V high voltage power switch for global mains operation
  • Primary sensing without optocoupler and secondary feedback circuitry
  • Minimizes audible noise in all operation modes
  • USB battery charging and Energy Star 2.0 compliant
  • Jitter function for reduced EMI
  • Enables no-load power consumption < 20 mW
  • Very low supply current in no-load condition with energy saver mode
  • High voltage start-up circuit with zero current consumption during switching
  • Available in halogen-free and (RoHS) SO7 package
  • OverVoltage Protection (OVP) on supply pin and on (FB) pin with auto-restart
  • UnderVoltage LockOut (UVLO) protection on IC supply pin
  • OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
  • Soft-start by reduced peak current for zero and low output voltage
  • Demagnetization protection for guaranteed discontinuous conduction mode
  • Open and short-circuit protection of the Feedback control (FB) pin
  • White goods
  • Industrial
  • Smart meters
  • Mobile USB chargers
  • General-purpose adapters

部件编号包含: TEA1721AT.


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