Our complete LCD driver portfolio includes segment, character, and graphics display drivers. 这些驱动器是理想的解决方案,可驱动垂直对准(VA) LCD,提供高对比和多个查看角度。They also support touch-sensitive LCDs, in combination with a capacitive touch controller to implement touch buttons on the display enhancing the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

产品 描述
汽车LCD驱动器 Support a wide range of resolutions (from 4x32 up to 4x160 segments), with case as well as chip-on-glass versions available.
LCD图形驱动器 支持大量图标和一系列7段或14段的数字。
LCD字符驱动器 通过片上字符发生器ROM显示5 x 8点格式的一些字符行,可支持任何LCD点阵。
LCD段式驱动器 支持包含特定数量的段或图标的任何静态或复用LCD。

The standalone LCD display drivers bring high-reliability and low-power consumption to a broad range of applications. 在运行中几乎不需要外部组件,可在广泛的温度范围内运行,支持广泛的电源电压并可集成关键接口。They are available in several different packages and delivery forms, to support various assembly technologies and can be used in conjunction with our RGB LED controller for LED backlighting.

Our portfolio includes segment, character, and graphics display drivers. Our segment display drivers are one of the best of industry in terms of the number of segments that can be driven per device. 这表明可以以更低成本显示更多信息。For automotive applications, We even have options that are AEC-Q100 compliant, ensuring reliable operation under the harshest conditions. Our character display drivers can be configured to drive almost any character set, including Japanese, and support a large number of icons.