SJA1110-EVM Evaluation Board

Evaluation board for SJA1110 Multi-Gig Safe and Secure TSN Ethernet Switch


SJA1110-EVM Top View
SJA1110-EVM Isometric View
Power AC-DC Adapter
Interchangeable plug
Interchangeable plug
Interchangeable plug



  • SJA1110-EVM   Active

  • SJA1110-EVM Evaluation Board
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Design Resources

Get Started

Review this section to become familiar with the hardware specifications.

Get Started

The following is available to selected customers only (NDA required).

Enablement Kit Development Support

The SJA1110-EVM kit includes:

  • Registration ID for permission to download the development suite (downloadable upon activation. An NDA is required)

Access to the development suite includes:

  • Product documentation:

    SJA1110 Datasheet

  • Enablement kit hardware design collateral

    Schematics (PDF), Gerber Files, BOM, user manual and more

  • Basic software

    SDK Software Development Kit