Embedded Linux OS / BSP Lifecycle Maintenance: Keeping Your Linux® BSP Secure





  • On Demand security notification reports
  • Vigiles report for user space, kernel, toolchain
  • Minor kernel version upgrade for security and bug fixes
  • User space security patching/package update
  • Releases delivered on a mutually agreed timeline
  • Emergency security fixes as needed
  • Includes test reports and release notes
  • Bidirectional Git — Upload/download BSP sources and changes
  • Services provided by our partner Timesys


  • Offload the burden of BSP Lifecycle Maintenance to us. Leveraging our expertise can help you reduce the overall cost of maintaining your embedded device and keeping it secure.

    • Focus your resources on value-add.
    • Stay secure.
    • Know what is affected.
    • Reduce overall maintenance cost.
    • Track and trace.
    • Be assured you have a solid plan for ongoing product updates.
    • BSP Lifecycle Maintenance includes a Vigiles license for up to 5 users.

    For requesting a free consultation or any question contact Pro-Support.

  • Timesys

    Timesys is a leading provider of embedded, open source software, engineering services, and security solutions across the “Embedded Software Spectrum” — from simple BSP subsystems to stand-alone devices, mobile apps and access solutions, and IoT systems — for Linux, Android, RTOS, and other open source...

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