QorIQ Layerscape LA1575 Programmable Wireless Platform



QorIQ Layerscape LA1575 Processor Block Diagram

QorIQ Layerscape LA1575 Processor Block Diagram


Key elements of the LA1575 SoC:

  • Simultaneous multi-standard support for 5G, Wi-Fi (802.11 ac and 802.11ax) and Wireline systems
  • Dynamic PHY and MAC resource allocation at run-time across protocols
  • Rapid deployment of evolving standards for mmWave, 802.11ax, 802.11ad and wireline
  • Comparable performance and efficiency to hard-wired solutions
  • Full software implementation allowing customer-differentiated feature sets and flexibility
  • Leverages extensive third party ecosystem providers and the rich library base for Layerscape and Arm 64-bit cores
  • Powered by the latest acceleration and secure platform technologies, packet offload and physical layer processing