Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Design


Class D Audio Amplifier


Class D Audio Amplifier Block Diagram

Class D Audio Amplifier Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications


  • FlexTimer controls the gate drivers for power MOSFETs adding extra protections, such as deadtime insertion, fault control, initialization, and polarity control
  • Low CPU load, leaving processor available for application enhancement


  • FRDM-K64F   Active

  • Freedom Development Board for Kinetis K24 (1 MB Flash), K63 and K64 MCUs
    • FRDM-K64F
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  • TWR-KV10Z32   Active

  • Tower System Development Board for Kinetis KV10 (75 MHz, 16-32 KB Flash) MCUs
    • TWR-KV10Z32
    • 1 @ CNY
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Design Resources

Get Started

Class D Audio Amplifier Quick Start Guide 

Follow these steps to start developing with the Class D Audio Amplifier solution: